Hill Country Home

"A masonry light-weight, seamless panel system"

Beautify Your Home with Stone

After years of research and field testing, we have developed a revolutionary masonry skirting system in our Hill Country¬© stone pattern specifically designed for mobile homes. These seamless panels are a solid 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ thick masonry product that will fit the homeowner’s needs for beautiful, reliable skirting or can be stacked to cover any buildings or structures to make whatever surface you desire to be stone.

These panels are non-combustible, rot proof, termite proof, impact resistant, color fast and easy to install. They require no footing or backing and vents are factory installed.

Hill Country© Stone Skirting may be applied to manufactured or custom built homes for a beautiful finishing touch. This product has been accepted for use on USDA Rural Development Financed Housing as a permanent curtain wall foundation (based on regional requirements).

Hill Country© stone products may also be used for walls, fences or columns and may be stacked for greater heights.